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Space Zebra

On May 5, 2002 astronauts  found a zebra in space floating next to Saturn and Mars. Sometimes the zebra is on the moon. The scientific name for this mammal is called the "Equss Burchellii.'' This animal lives in the (animalia saprotrophs kingdom). The zebra is very rare. It eats the space junk and flying space turtles. The zebra is a very unknown zebra, it is called the Burchell zebra. The zebra is orange, red, yellow, purple, blue and also green. The zebra does not like people, they think that they might get hurt. The zebra attends to hide from astronauts, but if you get near its young it will attack you and possibly kill the astronauts. The zebra is very intelligent. The Burchell  zebra weighs between 485, to 550 lbs. It is a very big zebra. The astrounauts have seen it a couple of times but, they can never get up close. When the mother zebra has its baby, the mother does not let any body get close to  eat even the family. The reason is because, the mother wants it to get used to her first, so the baby can recognize her sight,  and smell. The mother has to get the baby's food for the baby until it is at least 4 days old. The baby zebra is called foal. The Foal has to stay with its mother until it is at least a whole week old, so that the mother can protect it. The baby Foal eats space junk, just like the mother. When the baby zebra is born it is the same color as the mother and father but, it is a little bit lighter than the other zebras. You can barely see a diference.

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