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Q: How many offsprings can it have at one time?

A: The Space Zebra can have 2 offsprings at a time.

Q:What color eyes do they have?

A: They can have blue or green eyes.

Q:Are they at the top of the food chain?

A: Yes.

Q:What are space turtles?

A:They are turtles that fly in space!

Q: Can they be pets?

A: No!

Q:Are they all male or females.

A: Both males and females.

Q: Have scientist captured one?

Q: Yes but only one.

Q: How many stripes do they have?

A: The same amount that zebras on earth have.

Q: Does it have a tail?

A: Yes but it is not very long (only about 2-3 inches).

Q: How long does it take them to have babies?

A: 10 Days.

Q: Do they travel in clans?

A: Yes and no.


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